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Greetings! I'm Brittney Adasia, a proud native of New Rochelle, New York. In the immortal words of Nina Simone, I embrace my identity as a young, gifted, and Black individual. My roots trace back to Alabama and North Carolina through the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, a connection that deeply resonates with the spiritual practices of my ancestors. Their sacrifices inspire me to explore these ancient traditions.

My journey towards spiritual awakening started in college while pursuing an accounting degree. I delved into books on African spirituality, various deities, Black American history, and diverse faith systems. Gradually, I connected the dots between the spiritual practices of my ancestors during the Trans-Atlantic slave trade and their evolution in North America. It dawned on me that faith alone wasn't the answer; we are intricately connected to the universe. The universe offers tools to balance our mind, body, and spirit, facilitating soul healing. Amidst society's demands and programming, we often overlook our inner wisdom and natural guidance.

A pivotal moment came during a challenging phase of my life, largely due to a toxic relationship I struggled to leave. Seeking solace, I stumbled upon a metaphysical shop and discovered tarot cards. I purchased a deck, experimented with readings, and performed a past, present, and future spread. The Tower card foretold upheaval, a daunting prospect. However, I viewed it as a potential path, not an inevitable outcome. Tarot, to me, serves as a guide to possible scenarios, leaving choices in our hands. I chose to confront my situation, even though it meant enduring worse circumstances. Ultimately, it led to my liberation from that toxic relationship, setting me on a path of healing and growth, making me a stronger, better version of myself.

This transformative experience ignited my passion for tarot, prompting me to delve deeper into natural holistic practices and spirituality. I attained the status of Reiki Master and Yoga Teacher, expanding my knowledge of herbs, African, African American, and Ancient Kemetic spirituality, as well as meditation. Through my studies, I realized that these spiritual practices empower us to connect with our inner selves, fostering much-needed balance in our lives.

I'm here to share the wisdom I've gained on this transformative journey with you. My mission is to help others find the same balance, healing, and growth that I have experienced. Thank you for visiting my page.

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